G K Controls Pvt Ltd, a company specialised in BMS (Building management System) has served many industries including 

  • Electronics: Many electronics industries need clean ambience for manufacturing facility. The BMS helps in controlling & monitoring the AHU, Chiller and other equipment centrally from BMS station. G K Controls Pvt Limited has supplied and commissioned BMS at a public sector electronics manufacturing facility near Bangalore. 
  • Automobile: The modern technology components used in the Automobile industry demands huge electricity resulting in the need of monitoring & controlling various electrical equipment centrally from BMS. A major automobile ancillary unit near Pune has BMS supplied and installed by G K Controls Pvt Ltd.
  • Pharma: The stringent requirements of legal authorities for the ambience control in Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries call for a centralised BMS to monitor & control various parameters including temperature, humidity, air pressure & flow. 
  • Aviation: Precision manufacturing requirements in the aviation industry needs a centralized monitoring of ambience as well as all electrical equipment using BMS. G K Controls Pvt Ltd has supplied and commissioned BMS at a well known aviation industry near Nagpur. 
  • Health: Hospitals need to monitor & control the air conditioning to a precise level. Specific sensors and DDC controllers with or without BMS are a perfect solution for this. G K Controls Pvt Ltd has supplied and commissioned a big hospital in Maldives.