G K Controls Private Limited uses Honeywell’s state of the art sensors for occupancy detection and controllers for controlling the lighting vis DALI protocol or via normal analog signals.

Various advantages of using Lighting Control System are,

  • Occupancy sensor based on/off control
  • Daylight harvesting based dimming control

The sensors can be connected to a BMS controller to control lighting as well as the air-conditioning units to bring further cost savings.

Honeywell has a wide range of sensors suitable for various requirements

  • PIR sensors
  • Microwave technology based
  • Daylight sensors for dimming
  • Single contact / dual contact
  • Normal height / large height application
  • Etc.

We can provide some of the special needs of the customer like

  • Very Large height applications up to 14 meters

Well trained engineers of G K Controls Private Limited are eager to support you.