G K Controls Private Limited offers Honeywell SBC range of Programming Logic Controller (PLC) for medium to large size of control and automation requirements of Honeywell make. These PLC are available with CPU redundancy, HMI & SCADA as well. These PLC systems are manufactured in Switzerland with highest quality standards.

Programmable for measuring, regulation and control devices. Modular series consisting of industrial quality CPU, I/O and communication modules with a service life that will last for decades. The application software can be simply and reliably adapted and expanded throughout its service life. It can be used for all device series (Saia PCD1, 2 and 3).

Saia PCDs combine PLC functionality with innovative web and IT technology in an industrial quality system. The basic equation Saia PCD® = PLC + (web + IT) means that the conventional automation pyramid is becoming an open, transparent structure.

Key Features of Saia Burgess PLC are

  • USB interface for configuration, programming and commissioning
  • Ethernet interface with all the important web/IT protocols, including those for PG5 communication
  • At least one onboard serial interface (Saia PCD3.M5/6: 3×)
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • Data remanence through battery and/or SuperCap
  • Watchdog and fast interrupt inputs on the main CPU
  • Slots for intelligent communication or memory modules
  • Can be expanded in a modular way (except for Saia PCD1.M) up to 1023 data pointsHot swapping, Interrupt programs, user-defined Events (for SOE data in ms)
  • Integration with Experion PKS, Experion HS, Experion LS architecture (including system diagnostics and clock synchronization) and SCADA systems
  • Self-diagnostics – network diagnostics, system logs, Auto scan, monitoring system
  • Engineering software – ease of configuration and trouble-shooting
  • Program simulator to test programs offline without PLC/CPU


  • Water Treatment, pumping & water network
  • Solar Energy plants
  • Biomass plants
  • Tunnels
  • Energy Management System
  • And many more….