The Smart Choice for Value, Consistency and Enactment

Industrial combustion system requirements are becoming more multifaceted. Environmental regulation, code compliance, and technology advances jointly create a vibrant market that can rapidly consume your valuable resources. To ease the burden and improve your bottom line, G K Controls offers Maxon’s complete combustion systems, combustion equipment and services. With fully engineered control systems, fuel skids, and heater sections, you can put MAXON’ s expertise to work for you to ensure professionally engineered successful heating solutions.


We provide solutions for:

  • Complete Combustion Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Custom Packaged Burners
  • Ducts, Air Heaters and Heater Boxes
  • Fuel Trains and Skids

Supply, Support for:

  • Industrial Burners
  • Natural Gas Burners
  • Oil-Fired Burners
  • Gas Valves & Oil Valves
  • Shut Off Valves
  • Ratio & Flow Control
  • Oil Flow Valve
  • Low NOx Burners
  • Combustion Systems
  • Accessories

List of Industries and Applications:

  • Automotive: Ovens, washers, air heaters, paint shops, oxidizers, and boilers
  • Building Materials: Dryers, kilns, ovens, calcines, and boilers
  • Chemical: Dryers, heaters, boilers, process and control valves
  • Container: Ovens, furnaces, dryers, and air heaters
  • Glass: Furnaces, forehearths, fuel skids, and controls
  • Petrochemical/Refining: Heaters, reboilers, fuel valves and control skids
  • Plastics: Thermoforms, flame laminators, and ovens
  • Printing: Dryers, oxidizers, and controls
  • Pulp and Paper: Yankees, dryers, control skids, and oxidizers
  • Food Processing: Dryers, ovens, washers, fryers, and controls
  • Textiles: Dryers, pre-dryers, and oxidizers